Posted by: malditangala | June 23, 2009

hanging question….

” may mga pagkakataon na mas magandang di ka na lang nagtanong lalo na kung di ka sigurado kung handa ka ba sa magiging sagot”…eto ang sinabi sa akin ng isa kong kaibigan nung nasa kolehiyo pa kami. marami tayong mga katanungan na minsan gustong gusto nating hanapan ng kasagutan. minsan nga nangungulit na tayo para lang makuha naten ung sagot at para kahit papano mapacify ung eagerness natin. pero minsan di lahat ng mga tanong natin ay nabibigyan ng kasagutan. eto ung mga sinasabi nilang hanging question. hanging kasi minsan ayaw sagutin ng kabilang panig. sa akin, di naman sa interesado pa akong malaman ang sagot pero hanggang sa ngayon di pa rin nya sinasagot ung tanong ko dati sa kanya “anong nangyari?”…

November 4, 2008 → The Top Ten Questions You’d Want A Loved One To Answer

  1. Bebi h8s bebe – “Why did you make me wait 4 years just to tell me you don’t love me?”
  2. Warden – For my husband: “I know it’s over and no sex happened, but I’m dying to know what else you did with her when you went out on dates and let her ride in our car. What did the two of you do in our car?”
  3. Kay – For my mom: “Why do you doubt that none of your 4 kids will take care of you when you get old, that you had to adopt another child just so someone will?”
  4. Gracia – “Mother, father, brother, sister, how do you brush your teeth?”
  5. Maomao – For my dad: “When can I talk to you without you getting angry?”
  6. Josa – To my sperm donor: “How can you leave us when you proposed to me before I got pregnant?”
  7. Avi – My dad’s credit card bill says he bought a TV, aircon, ref, washing machine, etc. My question is: “Uhm…dad, where are they? We don’t have have any of those in the house.”
  8. Pumba – For my biological parents: “Why did you leave me in the backyard of your parent’s house when I was 1 month old? And after 13 years I’ve found out you were able to raise 4 more kids after me? WHY?”
  9. Your Highness – For one of my dearest friends with a long overdue ‘utang’: “Buhay pa kaya ako kapag naisipan mo akong bayaran?”
  10. The famous noname – For my dad: “Is the guy who went to your wake and claimed that he was your son, really your son?”
  11. No name – For my parents: “Do you really expect me to pay all of Papa’s medical bills? I’m neck-deep in bills, how will I take care of myself when the time comes?”
  12. Astroboy – To a beloved priest friend: “Why can’t you just leave the priesthood, marry your girlfriend, and take care of your 2 kids?”
  13. Philip Ivan Oliver – For my family: “Pag namatay ako, malulungkot ba kayo o matutuwa sa 1 million na insurance na makukuha niyo?”
  14. No name – For my cousin: “If we weren’t cousins, would you give it a go?”
  15. Ninerx – For my ex who ended our 5 year relationship to be with another girl: “Now that she left you for another guy, don’t you think life is fair? Hehehe.”
  16. Anonymous – For a guy named Angel: “Why did you get married when after 2 weeks of marriage, you see more of me than your wife?”
  17. Bocaio – For my cousins wife who just gave birth, and my cousin is not the father: “Do you feel any prrrayshur rayt now?”
  18. Giselle – For my dad: “Are you really just kidding when you say I’m not really an only child?”
  19. Astroboy – For a straight guy cousin: “Bakit ang dami mong gwapong gay friends?”
  20. Unplainedrice – For my ex: “Totoo bang kaya ka naging tomboy, dahil iniwan kita?”
  21. Vi – For my kids: “Will you feed me when I’m old?”
  22. Dru – For a dear friend/officemate: “After all these years, aren’t you tired of running away from good taste?”
  23. ANTi-PATiKA – For my bestfrend: ”Who is the father of your baby girl? Your boyfriend, or mine



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