Posted by: malditangala | June 11, 2009

open letter (from the past)…

originally posted sa aking friendster blog…kinopya ko lang para isama dito sa aking kablogan…

hi, its been awhile. i know that you are contented with your life right now and i am happy with what i have. i never meant to disturb you since i have no intension of entering your life again (in the same way as before). i saw some of the stuff i wrote some years back during our days of being together and it kinda made me realize things. i was glad to have read those stuff. i never imagined that i was that happy and inlove then. it seems like, just being with you then was all that matters. i can’t believe i will say this but by the emotions enclosed with those entries, i must say that i have really love you then….

i never regretted anything. although you hurt me too much, took away my belief in love and romance, and it took me awhile (almost two years) to move on but you taught me many things in life. you taught me how to handle my pain/hurt. you show me the reality that love doesn’t always comes in rainbow colors.  im so okey now and im happy for you (honestly)….regrets have never really entered my mind. i didn’t even hated you. on the contrary i even wish your happiness (your sister knows it).


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