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kilig ka naman?

I’ve been out of a relationship for 4 years now (forever) and the number 1 thing that i am missing is the kilig moments. yes, i know that u can also get kilig over some thngs that may be done by others pero iba kc if u are in a relationship and it’s ur special someone who makes the effort. when i saw this in chico’s blog, there’s an entry which was been said to me by my ex ” ingat ka kasi mamahalin pa kita”. hayyyy…those were the days…

Haaay…I love the feeling of being kilig.  I tell you, take it from me, it doesn’t matter how old you are, when the right person says the right thing, does the right thing, shoots you the right look, and then it sends lightning bolts from the top of your head to the hole of your butt, that’s the wonder of kilig!

October 24, 2008 → The Top Ten Kilig Moments – Astroboy

  1. The Game –  Exchange between Wolverine and Jean Grey. Jean: “Would you die for them?” Wolverine: “No, not them. For you…for you.”
  2. Hannah – My husband works abroad and one time I was making lambing over the phone about how I miss a certain kakanin that he used to bring home when he was still here. The next day, there was a small basket of kakanin on my dining table. He asked his sister to bring it to my place.
  3. Famous Marcus – A long time ago in a radio survey of “your happiest moments”, I texted in, “I am happiest when I am no more than 3 feet away from my wife.”
  4. Marsden – In a mall, this guy kept on looking at me and tried to show me his number typed in on his mobile phone. He couldn’t talk to me because he was with somebody.
  5. Purplerose – I won a gift pack from Myra-E last Monday for the premiere of Nights in Rodanthe. The next day my hubby was staring at me, smiling, and said,”Hindi mo na kelangan ng Myra-E, blooming ka naman eh.”
  6. Curt Smith – My wife gets kilig everytime I say this to my relatives: “Kaya kamukha ni misis yung mga bata, kasi mas mahal ko siya nung time na ginawa namin sila.”
  7. Jun13 – This is a kilig text: “Aanhin ko pa ang sinabawang gulay…kung sa iyo palang, makulay na ang aking buhay?”
  8. Astroboy – Guy: “What’s your biggest fantasy?” Girl: “To be kissed by someone in the rain. What about you?” Guy: “To be that someone.”
  9. TReiz – When you’re at a resto, grab your girl’s hand and point to the sign that says: “Take care of your valuables.”
  10. No name – I had this ultimate crush in high school. During a school competition, my hand hurt for no apparent reason. My ultimate crush who’s sitting beside me at that time, took my hand and massaged it.
  11. Antipatika – Wnen I was in college, a suitor of mine texted me asking where I was. When I said I was home, he texted, “Labas ka ng house nyo.” When I went outside, he was there holding 2 pieces of ice drop for me & him.
  12. Trina – When we were still in the courting stage, my boyfriend texted me, “Ingat ka ha, kasi mamahalin pa kita.”
  13. Sweetiebebe – When my first boyfriend was courting me, he knows I love chocolate dome cake. One time, he surprised me w/ a dome cake he made by himself. Turned out, he attended baking lessons just so he could bake my favorite cake.
  14. Trina – When I ask my boyfriend if he misses me, he says: “Hindi lang miss…misis pa, balang araw.”
  15. FK Gurl – While alone at a coffee shop reading a book, he called me asking where exactly I was. I kept on repeating that I was at Coffee Bean, between Kitaro & KFC, then suddenly I fely someone kissing me from brhind! He smiled at me, turned off his phone, joined me at my table & drove me home afterwards.
  16. Cheyenne – Husband: “I like holding your hands because then I know that the rest of you isn’t so far away.”
  17. Doorknob – When I was abroad, I was chatting with my boyfriend’s officemate, and he told me, “He’s masungit when you’re not here.”
  18. Kwinipie – My bf sent me this msg: “Mag empake ka na, pupunta tayong home for the aged. Kasi…I want to grow old with you.”
  19. Eikram – BOY: “There’s only 1 thing I want to change about you.” GIRL: “What is it?” BOY: “Your last name.”
  20. Asamite – Me to fiance: “Thanks for giving my heart a home.”
  21. Vinzent – Overheard at the office: Guy: “Puwede favor?” Girl: “Sure, ano?” Guy: “Puwede, ingat ka palagi?”
  22. Mr. Perk – I was making pa-cute with pare and asked him to play for me “more than words” on his guitar. Instead, he played me, “would you be my # 2″.
  23. TReiz – My ex grabbed my glasses and told me, “Hey, you have really nice eyes…”
  24. Chikaytot – My special friend uses the service road on the SLEX kasi libre. One time, I fell asleep in his car, paggising ko, nasa SLEX kami. When I asked why we took the SLEX, he said, “Malubak sa service road, baka magising ka.”
  25. No name – When Angelina Jolie was asked about her statement before that she loved being alone, she answered, ” I don’t love being alone as much as I used to.”
  26. SC – In high school, kilig m0ment ko every mass kasi makaka-h0lding hands ko yung crush ko during Our Father.
  27. Bajoink – I’m an avid fan of Barefoot Contessa. In one episode, as her husband was about to leave, she told him: “Drive carefully, you’ve got my whole life w/ you.”


  1. kakakilig naman niyang mga yan,. hehehe!

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  3. hey my top ten! haha 🙂 kiligers ;))

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