Posted by: malditangala | January 6, 2009

weird bah?

edward cullen really has earned alot of interest from most of the ladies who have read the twilight series. although i confessed that at the start i was also drawned to his charms i could say that felt more for jacob black now. silly as it seems but it looks like i am more interested to jacob black’s character.

ewan ko ba bakit ganun ung pakiramdam ko. i keep on thinking about him. parang gustong gusto ko cyang makita at gusto ko cyang iconsole. parang gusto ko cyang icomfort, to hug him and everything. alam ko mejo di tama kc they are just fictitious characters pero what i am feeling seems so real. parang right now i am hoping that i could find somebody like him. i am no longer waiting for edward cullen but i am now hoping that somebody like jacob black would cross my way.

pero i have to tell this clearly. i am not thinking or even considering myself as bella swan. i dont want to be a bella swan. ewan ko ba but her character doesn’t really fascinates me.


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