Posted by: malditangala | December 17, 2008

losing a loveone

i didn’t expect that i will be crying….

i saw the tribute of gma 7 for the late marky cielo. nung una mejo teary eyed palang ako. then cguro after 15 mins of watching ayan nag-uunahan na ang aking mga luha. it was really hard to accept (especially to the family) that he is gone. he is so young and at the peak of his career. parang there are alot of things na pwede pa mangyari sa kanya, sa life nya.

what happened to him was a reminder of what happened to my brother 9 years back. we didn’t expect that he will be taken away from us by faith. we were happy as a family then. yes, sometimes we also have our sort of fights (catfights) but at the end of the day we always find ways to sort it out and make ammends.

so maybe that is one of the reason why i cried. i could feel his family’s pain because i’ve been in the same situation….losing a loveone really hurts like their are a hundred of daggers being thrown in your chest. and you can’t help it if at some point you would settle yourself in denial.


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