Posted by: malditangala | December 14, 2008

someone to watch over me…..

mejo matagal-tagal na rin na wala akong naging relasyon (romantic) kung iisipin di naman sa pangit ako or pangit ang ugali ko at walang nanliligaw. sabi nga ito ung single by choice. it was my decision to stay single because of some certain things that i believe in. maybe some are considered fears.

yesterday, i was asked to go to an international film festival. i was accompanied by a colleague. on our way, my colleague called his girlfriend who is two months pregnant. wala lang tinawagan nya lang ung girl just to wake the girl up and remind her to take her breakfast before leaving for work. and that strucks me….

i was place in a deep long pause. napaisip tuloy ako. when was the last time that somebody (not from my family) called me and remind me to take my meal. grabeh, parang its been long ago nung last ako nakareceive ng text asking kung kumain naba ako. or mesg like wag kang magpapalipas ng gutom.

waaaahhh. . . . i hate to admit this pero namimiss ko na ung mga times ng ganun. i know that i should not be thinking of those things kc this is my decision para i can’t help it. i am just a human being longing for some care and affection.


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