Posted by: malditangala | December 10, 2008

sunshine after the rain…

at last!!! the long and tiring work is done.

yeterday was the last day of my dark days…those days were the days that robbed me from rest and taking long hours of sleep.

i started doing the international film festival schedules of interpretation since november 29. finally, they gave us the final changes and revisions to be incorporated in the schedules. it was really a relief for me because that thing has been occupying me for almost two weeks now. it had taken away my rest days and even my holidays. i was forced to come to the office for that. and now i am so happy that everything is finish.

another good thing is….im going to the film festival. im going to watch some of the movies participating the festival. well, im not really after the movies, what excites me is the chances of seeing brendan fraser and nicholas cage there. i’ve heard that they will be coming. they already gave their confirmation for the event. and im hoping i will be lucky enough to see them in person.

so now i’m crossing my fingers hoping that luck will come my way this time.


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