Posted by: malditangala | December 1, 2008

it all started with this…

—i got this from chico garcia’s blog and it made me recall the first time i got to listen to their show (the morning rush top 10). as far as i could remember it was sometime in august 2003. i was surfing for a nice station to tune in. the topic then was something about an ex who is trying to make a comeback. the entries were so hilarious that i started laughing loudly. i was using a walkman then so my roommates were staring at me oddly…..that was the first time i experienced the odd look. but as time goes by i got used to those stares especially on mrt…they may think that im insane or something but who cares.

Wow, what a freaky coinkidink! It’s so fitting that the first post after my blog anniversary should be the Top Ten of July 8, 2008, which was our 12th anniversary episode of the Morning Rush!  I swear, I didn’t do this on purpose.  Wala lang, it’s just great timing. There was no way I could’ve timed it better.

July 8, 2008 → The Top Ten Morning Rush Moments

  1. Dencio – I remember listening to you guys when Delle was still doing just the news and Chico would always tease her. My firstborn was still in nursery, my second was just about to turn 1, and my wife hated DJs who talked a lot. Now, my eldest is in college, the baby is now in high school, and my wife still hates DJs who talked a lot, but loves Chico and Delamar!
  2. Rhyce – It was 8 years ago, I called to answer the top 10 wedding songs and said “I Do” by 98 degrees. Then you asked me if I’d include it on my wedding, and I said “No, I’m only 10 yrs old.” Then we all laughed and you even said sorry to my grandma coz she was listening too!
  3. Mashorba – When I was deciding whether or not to surrender my passport and work permanently in the U.S., one of the things I considered was the daily listening to you guys. Today I’m still here in Manila and I have a lucrative job thanks to you guys. I made the right decision, and I’m still enjoying your show.
  4. Your Highness – When Brad Turvey described what an Australian kiss was.  He said it was like a French kiss, only “down under”.
  5. Mangjose –  I can’t forget that during an interview on TV, someone said that he was willing to fund a wedding for the both of you!
  6. Topaz – My maid uses the top ten as her clock kasi alam niya after every 30 mins or so you’ll read the top ten. One time may pinapalambot siyang meat. Sabi ko not more than 30mins. She replied, “Relax ate, nag top 5 na si Chico. Kanina bottom half pa lang.”
  7. Famous Marcus – One of the most memorable moment didn’t technically happen in the program. When you left the station, you were interviewed by Zach and Joey right in the NU 107 studios. It was a major Philippine radio event. The equivalent of Korina Sanchez interviewing Jessica Soho.
  8. Dixie – You guys were the reason why I finally came out. You practically dragged me out of my comfortable little closet.
  9. Duday – When I sent my entry about me kissing my girl bestfriend, Delle said agad, “You’re a lesbian!” And Chico said, “Nagdududay na ko sa yo, Duday.” Grabe. Buti na lang matibay ang paninindigan ko. Ilang taon pa listening to you, malamang dumami talaga ang mga bading at tomboy.
  10. Faye – One time I overheard my officemate telling someone, “Si faye? Naku, di mo makakausap yan until 9am, kasi chumi-chico and delamar yan!”
  11. ABOYNAMEDABOY – Been a silent rusher since my highschool years. Almost failed my english subject back then. I want to give you guys credit because now I’m a callboy working in a callcenter.
  12. Mommy M – Nov 15, 2006 I joined the happy feet promo. When I won the movie premier tickets, I got so excited that my contractions started. The next day, I gave birth.
  13. Jollibee – Me and my family have been listening to you guys since I was in high school. Now I’m a doctor and still my dad can’t get your names right. He calls you Jico and Dels.
  14. Hanazawa Rui – Sa sobrang kaba ko the 2nd time I called RX, I asked you guys a very lame question: “Kayo ba yung dalawang DJ na nasa fans day dati with Cristy Fermin?” hiyang-hiya ako after.
  15. Spawner – Just wanted to tell you guys that you were the voice of the youth then, & now that most of us are parents, you still represent us.
  16. Rogie – I was driving to school back in 98 when you had this caller seeking advice about his bestfriend whom he secretly loved. When you mentioned his name, I realized he was a friend of mine and I was laughing so hard that I almost failed to hit the brakes when the light turned red and I almost hit a car.
  17. Jedi Mstr – The show has kept me company when my dad was in the ICU and when my wife was givng birth. It always made me smile during my trying times.
  18. Bonique – During 2 pregnancies I always put on my tummy the radio especially during the top ten. My 2 kids are now 6 & 4 yrs old.
  19. KiD BuKid – Believe it or not guys, 3 years ago, my wife thought I totally forgot our 15th wedding anniv. And there I was, laughing at your corny jokes, and she got mad at me and even got jealous of Del. Inuuna ko pa raw si Del kesa i-greet sya. Ayun, biglang you greeted us on air, kaya bati ulit!
  20. Chrys – I can’t forget how Chico called residents of Taguig: TAGUIGERS.
  21. Green Boy – I downloaded an episode of your show, and I kept on rewinding Delle’s reaction when Chico said, “Bluetooth-in mo ko…” It was hilarious!
  22. No name – When my sister and I were still in high school, we always fought a LOT. I remember hating everything that she liked, just to spite her.  She listened to RX all day and all night, so I hated RX. But deep inside, while covering my ears with the pillow, I listened to, and loved you two.
  23. Jose de vengenge – I passed an interview because of you guys. When my interviewer asked me about my hobbies, I started talking about you. Then she said she also listens & that her fave rushers were loipogi, young indy & jdv. When I told her that I’m jdv, ayun pasado na. She even asked for an autograph. Wow I felt famous! Haha, I owe it to you.
  24. Famous Marcus – I was one of your earliest listeners way back when Delle was still a newscaster and you two were always at each others throats on air. It got so bad that I just had to page you (not text) something mean, but still acceptable to the Easycall agent who wouldnt allow profanity. So my page went: “You two deserve each other.” Today, I’d like to text you the same message, but with a big difference.  Now mean it in the nicest, sincerest, sweetest way possible.


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