Posted by: malditangala | November 27, 2008

movie review….

there has been a lot of reviews over the internet about the movie “twilight”. some gave slightly bad reviews, some did like the movie, some like the book version more and some are still “gaga” over twilight (both)…

i have been counting the days so that i could finally have a glimpse of this much awaited movie. i’ve been inflected with others’ craving for this movie. even the book.. it made me restless for how many days. everytime i try to put it down, it just left me with this strange feeling. it feels like i’m left with puzzles….what will happen next and i just want to read it up to the last page so that i wouldn’t be left hanging….hard isn’t it?

it will be a week more of waiting and i’m feeling anxious to see it. actually, i’ve decided to watch it even if nobody would accompany me. i’ve done that before…watching movie all by myself…its not that bad.


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