Posted by: malditangala | November 12, 2008


i think theres been a spreading epidemic lately….grabe! alot of people are being infected with this epidemic. they are being drawned and addicted to the same thing; “Twilight” ( Edward and Bella). me as an inclusion.

it was plain curiosity which lead me in buying the book. everybody seems to be so in to the story so i started searching it in the net. before i knew it, i was already drawn to it. it never came out of my mind. i even dreamt of them. lately i just realize that i was been infected with such an obsession. i was hypnotized.

working was never been a problem to me. i love working because it makes me busy and keep me from thinking of my family and friends back home. but because of this new obsession, doing other things than reading is quite hard. once i open the pages and started reading, i forgot everything. i hardly put down the book. i even had it when i go to the CR to pee. i started reading the book last saturday and from that day on, no single day pass without me having it in my hands. experts says that it’s a no no to read while you are on vehicle or on the road. but i am shamelessly admitting that because of twilight i don’t care about the consequences my eyes might get after. whew, is it all worth it?

honestly, Yes!

at first, it was just plain curiosity as i mention before. then when i started searching, googleing for it and reading, downloading stuff about it; the movie, the soundtrack and even the ebooks. then i decided to buy the book itself even if i already have the ebook. i wanted to have it. to have possession. it gives me a certain happiness and life having to have it in my arms. then i became anxious upon knowing that the movie will be shown in the Philippines 2 weeks from now and there’s no posted date when it will be shown here…i wanted to go home just for a day to watch it.

now tell me, am i not sick or what?


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