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bitchy comments

i got this from astroboy’s multiply entry which she copied from chico garcia’s blog. the entries reminds me of an email i got some months back. i’ll try to look for it and post it here, but for the meantime i’ll share this one. i know that you will like it as much as i did.


Bee-yotch.  Probably one of the most common used aspersion for women.  A couple of months ago, we posed the question, “What’s the definition of ‘bitch’?”  Surprisingly, we got quite a number of different ways to look at the word.  It’s like we all know what it means, but it’s quite difficult to define.

June 26, 2008 → The Top Ten Bitch Quotes

  1. Tippi – On the first day of the Mango sale, the sister of my friend was looking around and picked up a dress when a woman at the counter started screaming,”Put that down, that’s mine!” The sister of my friend looked up, looked at the woman up and down, raised an eyebrow, and replied, “Excuse me. You are NOT a ’small’”
  2. Maximo – A supervisor once told a worker who has difficulty in understanding instructions, “Ang ulo, hindi lang yan pinapatong sa leeg, ginagamit din yan sa pagiisip.”
  3. Springturns – A friend told another friend, “Naku, magma-makeup muna ako, baka magmukha akong yaya mo.” The other friend replied, “Wag na, magmumukha ka lang yaya ko na naka-makeup.”
  4. Bennett – I told my then boyfriend during a fight, “Even on your smartest day, you’re not half as smart as I am on my dumbest!”
  5. Riverbanks – “Ako, I was born beautiful.  Ikaw, you were just born.”
  6. Astroboy – A letter posted on a car windshield in UP: “Sir/madam, the parkng space that we have reserved is for the College Secretary, not for you. Guard.”
  7. Shining – When I saw friend I haven’t seen in a long time, she told me, “Grabe, lalo ka pang tumaba!” So I told her, “Ikaw din, lalo ka pang pumangit!”
  8. Eylek – Pag sinisingitan ako sa pila, nagpaparinig ako. I say, “Ang pilang ito, according to beauty. Mga panget muna.”
  9. Gorgeous Bitch – “Unlike you, tinuruan ako ng mga magulang ko na hindi pumatol sa may asawa.”
  10. Jose de vengenge – From the movie She’s The Man: “Girls with an ass like mine don’t go out with boys with a face like yours.”
  11. Joe – “Maliban sa mukha mo, ano pang problema mo?”
  12. Anfernee – I once told an officemate who kept on bragging about her new shoes, “Sale, right?”
  13. Pong Pagong – I pointed a “7 items or less” sign to a clueless pasosyal at the supermarket. She bitchily answered, “I can read!” Sabay irap. So I shot back with, “I know, but can you count?”
  14. Astroboy – “Tuwing nakikita kita, gusto ko mag-sorry sa eyes ko.”
  15. Dru – “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be bitchy. It’s an involuntary reaction whenever I encounter ugly people.”
  16. Astroboy – Man: “Hey baby, what’s your sign?” Woman: “Do not enter.”
  17. Astroboy – Man: “how do you like your eggs in the morning?” Woman: “Unfertilized.”
  18. Aeon- After receiving her pay slip and realizng how much she’s paying for tax, a sosyal officemate exclaimed, “Ang mga poor ba nagbabayad din ng tax?”
  19. Riverbanks – During a hike at Mt. Mayon, we had a maarte companion.  When we ran out of water, our guide got us some from a ntural spring.  The maarte girl said, “Dini-drink ba yan?” I told her, “Bakit, sa inyo ba ang water chinu-chew?”
  20. Noel – Overheard from 2 kids talking. Kid 1: “Lahat tayo galing kay Adam and Eve.” Kid 2: “Hindi yan totoo. Sabi ng papa ko, galing tayo sa unggoy.” Kid 1: “Hindi natin pinag-uusapn ang pamilya mo, kaya wag kang magulo!”
  21. Loipogi – A friend told his officemate: “I’m impressed. I’ve never encountered such a small mind inside such a big head before.”
  22. Pachuchay – Bading: (envying a girl na crush ng crush nya) “Isang butas lang ang lamang mo sa kin!”
  23. ACER – I was staring at an ugly bystander in their street. The ugly guy snapped, “Bakit ang sama mo makatingin?” I snapped back, “Eh bakit ang sama mo tignan?”
  24. Persh – A friend once told me, “Ang ganda mo!” I answered: “Thank you, sana ikaw rin…”
  25. Jose de vengenge – I told this to an ex: “I must admit you brought religion to my life. I never believed in hell till I met you.”
  26. Gorgeous Bitch – “When a cashier tells me she doesn’t have change, I say: “And…kaninong problema yun?”
  27. Em-em Unggoy – “Kung lahat ng tao galing sa unggoy, bakit ikaw, mukha kang kabayo?”

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