Posted by: malditangala | November 3, 2008

taking a glimpse

people have a strange way of looking back at the past. some do it every end of the year to evaluate what are the things they had done the outgoing year. what things they have accomplished, the things they regret doing and not doing.

as i was watching this new kdrama i bought the other night, it made me feel a strange emotion. yes, it made me think of the things i have done in my life. the times i screw up, i was happy, inlove, alone and sad.well, for those who’ve seen me or known me they might think that im okey being alone. honestly, i am not but it is much better than having someone who is not really enjoying your company. somebody who seems not to understand even a single feeling that you have. i don’t want to confine somebody. i would not be happy having somebody who is not really enjoying my company. i’d rather be alone than burden somebody else.


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